Bian Junyi, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. and His Delegation Performed a Field Survey on the Public Rental Housing for Employees

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On August 22, Bian Junyi, Deputy Secretary of Party Committee of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. (hereafter referred to as Haisum) and his delegation performed a field survey on occupancy status of the public rental housing for employees.

Bian Junyi and his delegation paid a visit to the Longnan Jiayuan public rental housing project (fully decorated model housing; "Chuxinhui" party building service station; miniature fire station; fitness center) in Xuhui District, Shanghai, and organized an symposium to give audience to the introduction by Shanghai Xuhui Huizhong Public Rental Housing Operation Co., Ltd. (Xuhui Huizhong for short) to information about the project and the occupancy status of employees of Haisum, having communicated and exchanged with each other in terms of the application for public rental housing, etc.

According to Bian Junyi, "the housing project", as one of the "Four Sub-projects" proposed by the Party Committee of Haisum, the aim is to "create a warm enterprise" so that more young employees with housing difficulties and the employees from other places are accessible to public rental housing; this helps to improve employees' satisfaction and happiness, enhance the attractiveness and competitiveness for talents, and enable the employees of China Haisum Engineering Co., Ltd. to settle down.

Bian Junyi pointed out that 11 employees of Haisum have moved into Longnan Jiayuan by renting public rental housing from Xuhui Huizhong since 2018; this project substantially satisfy the rental requirements of the employees of Haisum; in addition, the project innovatively contributed to the party building, league building and autonomous management of community, gave fully play to the enthusiasm of settled-down employees, and offered a wonderful living environment; were hereby express our gratitude for the efforts of Xuhui Huizhong in occupancy work of public rental housing.

Bian Junyi showed his solicitude for the settled-down employee representatives after the symposium.

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